• Match Betting

    How to Make £500-£1000 profit per month (tax-free) from match betting without any risk!

  • What is Match Betting?

    And why it works.

    Match Betting is Not Gambling

    Match betting, sometimes known as matched betting, is a way to bet on sporting events without risking losing your money. Bookies offer free matched bets to their customers, and you can use these to make consistent profit. In fact, it’s probably the only way of making money betting that provides guaranteed cash.


    The great thing about match betting is that it is NOT gambling. You are not betting and hoping for your team to win or your horse to come first. It is a legal, proven and fast way to make money from bookie’s free bet offers.


    And if that sounds too good to be true, keep reading to find out exactly how it works!

    Why Should You Trust This Page?

    Match betting is something I have used myself to earn thousands of pounds in profit with no risk. Despite sounding “too good to be true,” match betting does take work and you need to dedicate some time to it. Even so, I don’t know another way to legally make profit from betting so easily.


    There are some drawbacks to match betting though. There is a learning curve, although the process is easy when you get the hang of it. It also takes concentration, as the only way you can lose money is by making a mistake.


    I’ll be taking you through everything you need to know about match betting, including how to do it, where to find offers and how to make long-term profits.

  • How to Match Bet

    ...for consistent profits

    The Basics

    Let’s start with the basics. Many online bookies, such as Bet365, Betfred and almost countless more, offer free bets to both new customers and existing customers. They offer these bets as a way to encourage people to bet more on their site – but we can use them to make guaranteed betting money.


    These offers are sometimes known as a free matched bet, because they will usually require you to place a bet of the same amount before qualifying for the free bet (e.g. bet £25 and get a £25 free bet once it’s settled). This means you can’t just take the free bet and make money – but here’s where the clever part comes in.


    To receive the matched bet, you can use a matched bet finder to find a close match between the BACK odds (the regular odds on an online bookie) and the LAY odds (the odds of the event NOT occurring). Whether your bet wins or loses, you’ll only lose a small amount of money (often as little as £1) but have the FREE BET to come!


    Now, if you’re new to free bets, you might be wondering what a lay bet is. A lay bet is a bet that something won’t happen. For example, if you lay against Manchester United to win, you would WIN if they draw or lose. If they win, you would lose your bet. Lay bets can be placed at betting exchanges, and are an essential part of match betting (see the example below). There are plenty of guides teaching how to place a lay bet on Betfair or other exchanges, just do a quick search online if you’re confused.


    Tip: Most people start with Betfair as their exchange, but Smarkets are also popular. Betfair charge 5% commision, while Smarkets only charge 2%. This might not sound like much, but over time can save you literally hundreds of pounds. Smarkets also tends to have very good lay odds.


    A common question is “what is a free bet?” A free bet is simply a bonus credited by a bookie. You can’t withdraw it directly, but you can use the free bet on any selection (football, horse racing etc). If you win, you can withdraw any winnings (subject to rollover requirements). In match betting, you also LAY the free bet so even if it loses you make a profit.

    How to Make Money from Free Bets

    You should now have been credited with a free bet. The only thing left to do (assuming there is no rollover requirement) is repeat the process for the matched betting free bets to make a guaranteed profit.


    Once your free bet has settled and any rollover completed, you’ll be able to withdraw the money from your account. If your free bet WON, your profit will be in the bookies account. If it LOST, it’ll be in the exchange account. Either way, you’ve made a profit.


    Example: You bet £25 with a bookie offering a £25 match betting bonus after your first bet. The back odds are 3.2 and the lay odds are 3.3, which using a match betting calculator will mean you lose £1.10 whether the bet wins or loses. You will then be credited with a £25 free bet, which you use on a different match with back odds of 5.8 and lay odds of 6. This gives you a profit of £18.55 without ANY risk!


    At this point, you might think that no-risk betting SOUNDS great, but it looks complicated. And, in truth, if you were finding all the match bet offers manually it would take you a long time. There are also many different types of bet, so to learn matched betting can take time.


    The good news is that you don’t need to find each bet manually. By becoming a member of Profit Accumulator, the leading match betting finder, you’ll be told exactly which bookies are offering the best match betting offers, how to do them and how to make the most money. They also provide match betting calculators, forum and more. So if you want to make money match betting, it’s an essential purchase:

  • Does Match Betting Work?

    It's not a scam and is completely legal.

    Does Match Betting Really Work in 2016?

    Yes! As you are laying off each bet, you know exactly how much you will lose or make on each bet regardless of the result. Match betting is VERY easy to learn and provides a consistent source of risk-free income.


    Betting website offers are also continuously being added, as bookies want to bribe their customers to keep using them instead of other sites, so there will always be new offers.

    How Much Profit Can you Make Match Betting?

    The amount you can make varies depending on how much time you can put into match betting. There are almost endless free bookie bets (if you count refunds and price boosts – more on that later), so you won’t run out of offers.


    If you are willing to do as many offers as possible, there are people on the Profit Accumulator forum making £1000+ per month. When you’re starting out, £500 a month is a good target from just an hour or two work each day. If you can’t dedicate much time to match betting, you can easily make £300 each month just doing the best offers each month on Profit Accumulator.


    Remember, while the profits from match betting are guaranteed, the money you earn is still tax-free.

    Where to Find Matched Betting Offers?

    No risk betting is one of the easiest ways to make money online – and all your earnings are tax free. But if you want to make money from free best you need to know where to find the offers.


    There are many bookies with free best, but each may have different rules about how to receive the money. You need to follow the rules closely, including minimum odds and rollover requirements, in order to make money. Some offers are also simply not worth doing – they might sound great on the bookies site, but when you read the terms and conditions you realise that they have unreasonable requirements.


    That’s why sites such as Profit Accumulator are such important resources. They provide a daily list of offers you can use when betting for profit including instructions. For each offer, the team reads the full terms and conditions and ONLY posts the offer if they think it will make you money.


    So if you would like a list of the bookies offers in one place, become a premium member of Profit Accumulator as soon as possible. It’s the fastest way of making money from betting without any risk.


    Click to sign-up for Profit Accumulator and start match betting today

    What is a Matched Betting Calculator?

    The key to making money bet matching is to lay the correct amount in the exchange so you lose as little as possible on the qualifying bet. This maximises your profit from the freebet. The amount lost when qualifying for a free bet varies depending on the odds, but should be less than 5% of the bet (so if you were betting £25, you wouldn’t want to lose more than £1.25 if possible).


    As you can imagine, calculating the correct lay bet can be confusing and time consuming. That’s why a match betting calculator is important – just input the back odds, lay odds and lay commission, and it will tell you exactly how much to lay. I would say that this is the most important matched betting tool.

    Match Betting Odds Finder

    Finding every matched bet manually would take hours – and there is no guarantee you would be finding the most profitable. That’s why a matched bet finder is an essential tool if you’re serious about match betting.


    But what does a matched betting odds finder actually do? And how does it help you make money from betting?


    In short, the closer the back odds are to the lay odds, the more money you make. A matched betting finder scans all the top betting sites and compares odds to the lay odds in exchanges such as Betfair. It then tells you exactly which bets will make you the most money, taking into account the matched betting odds.


    This saves a huge amount of time when match betting. It also means you’ll earn more money. The best match betting oddsfinders, such as Profit Accumulators Oddsmatching software, continuously update so you’ve always got all the best odds in one place.

    Match Betting Sports

    Many of the best bookies for match betting are based in the UK, so the most common sports are football and horse racing. However, matched betting bookies offer odds in almost any sport. Here are some of the most popular:

    • Horse racing match betting
    • Football match betting
    • Cricket match betting
    • Rugby match betting
    • Tennis match betting
    • Basketball match betting
  • Match Betting Offers

    There are many ways to make money match betting.

    • Online bookmarker sign up offers – these are for new customers and are a quick way to make money. They usually offer a free bonus bet after your first bet. Free best for new customers are the quickest way to start earning money with match betting.
    • Matched deposit bonuses – some sites will match your deposit, which you can then wager on close matches (found on odds matching software) and withdraw to make quick money.
    • Risk free bet offers – these offers refund your money if your bet doesn’t win. You can make guaranteed risk free best using these offers. They are also sometimes known as no lose bets.
    • Price boosts – sometimes online bookies will offer boosted odds for a short time. You can use these to make instant money if you know how (Profit Accumulator has an entire forum section dedicated to price boosts).
    • Reload offers – these are similar to sign-up offers but for existing customers. They are the easiest way to make a long-term income. Many bookies also offer no lose bet offers, where you get your money back if your bet loses – Profit Accumulator teaches you how to make guaranteed profit from these.

    The following offers are more advanced – I recommend completing all the sign-up offers and getting used to reload offers before attempting them. As soon as you feel comfortable, try the offers below as they are BIG sources of income for many match bettors.

    • Football refund offers – some bookies offer money back or free bets if your bet matches certain conditions. For example, Bet365 will offer money back if your football bet loses and the match ends in 0-0. These offers aren’t guaranteed profit for every bet, but as long as you follow the guidelines in Profit Accumulator you’ll make consistent profit in the long-term.
    • Horse racing refund offers – these offer a refund or free bet if your horse finishes in a certain position. Some bookies give you an extra bet if your horse wins, while others refund your bet as a free bet if your horse comes second (each bookie has its own rules – Profit Accumulator’s Match Catcher is the best tool for horse racing refunds).
    • Accumulator refund offers – many bookies offers refunds on accumulators if one of the legs loses. Using Profit Accumulator’s Acca Catcher, you can make a guaranteed profit on accumulators (this is an advanced method).
    • Casino/Bingo offers – you may have noticed lots of bookies have slot or casino sections of their site. There are loads of offers for free spins, bingo games and more, which are risk-free ways to make money gambling.


    As you can tell, there are plenty of ways to make money betting. The great thing about free matched bets is that you know exactly how much you are going to make before you even place the bet – you don’t need to hope for the right result.

  • Match Betting Tips

    For maximising profit.

    Getting matched bets isn’t hard, but there are a few things you need to know in order to maximise profit. Here are some matched betting tips:

    • Keep track of all your earnings with a matched betting spreadsheet. It’s motivating as you see your bank balance climb and climb each month.
    • Also keep a matched betting diary so you know when you’ve placed bets and which bookies owe you a free match bet.
    • Don’t mention match betting to the bookies – while it’s perfectly legal certain bookies may not like you doing it. If you don’t receive your risk free bet, however, then you can contact a bookie’s live support and ask them to look into it.
    • Do every offer you can – especially betting introductory offers. You can easily make £500 in your first month by doing the sign-up offers. Don’t just look for the best free bet offer, do all the offers recommended by Profit Accumulator.
    • Sign-up to Profit Accumulator to get all the best matched betting offers. They post new offers daily, complete with instructions and things to watch out for. You’ll save literally hundreds of hours, and the membership pays for itself almost immediately.

    Which is the Best Matched Betting Guide?

    Profit Accumulator also contains an excellent matched betting forum. On the forum, members post the best offers they’ve found, match betting tips, guides and price boosts. In my opinion, Profit Accumulator is worth the money just for the forum alone, although you obviously get much more than that.


    Why You Should be a Member of Profit Accumulator:

    • All the best matched bet offers EVERY day, including instructions, tips and more.
    • Massive free bet list including all the top free bets.
    • Ratings for each offer, so you can look for easy best to win no-risk money.
    • Member’s forum where other matched bettors share tips, offers and advice.
    • Advanced match betting calculator with options for over and underlaying (you will be told when to use these).
    • Matched betting finder software.
    • Team of experts who will answer any questions or problems you have – often within minutes of posting on the forum.
    • Daily “Make £1000 per month” match betting threads in the forum, showing you exactly which offers you need to do in order to make £1000 each and every month.
    • Accumulator refund and horse racing refund finder (Platinum Membership Only)
  • FAQ

    We always strive for the best.

    Some of the most common questions include...

    Does matched betting still work in 2016?

    As I mentioned earlier, yes! There are still plenty of sign-up offers, reload offers, refunds and price boosts that can make serious money in 2016.


    Is match betting legal?

    Yes, all you are doing is maximising your returns on free bonuses and bets offered willingly by bookies. There is nothing illegal about it.


    Is match betting a con?

    No, although you need to be careful where you get your information about which offers are worth doing (some sites just tell you to sign up with a bookie because they get commission when you bet). That’s why I only recommend Profit Accumulator – they make their money through monthly membership, so there is no pressure for them to recommend anything other than the best offers for you.


    Is matched betting safe?

    Match betting really is risk free betting, as you know BEFORE you place the bet how much you will lose on the qualifying bet, and how much the free bet will be worth. Of course, it is only safe as long as you concentrate and don’t make mistakes. It’s also important to know the rules for each offer before you start (some may have limits on the odds you can use or require you to rollover profits a certain number of times).


    In addition, there are “not risk-free” offers on Profit Accumulator, but they are clearly marked. These offers have a positive value, which means if you did lots of them you would make money, but are not risk-free individually. I recommend only trying these offers once you are comfortable with the risk-free offers – or you may decide to avoid them altogether.


    Is match betting worth it?

    Match betting can net you hundreds of even thousands of pounds profit per month. This income is tax-free and can be earned from the comfort of your own home. If you would benefit from having £500+ extra each month, then it is worth it.


    Is matched betting easy?

    There is nothing difficult about the match betting process. Once you have done a few offers, you’ll already understand how the basic sign-up and deposit matching offers work. After a month or two of matched betting, you’ll have seen almost every type of offer and be on your way to making consistent profits.


    Refund offers are a little more complicated. That’s why I recommend using the Match Catcher tool. Even so, these offers can be highly profitable and don’t take much time.


    What are matched bet casino bonuses?

    Almost every match betting site has a casino or slot machine section too. These have online games, such as blackjack, and slot machines like you find in regular casinos. Casino offers often require you to wager a certain amount on a game in return for free spins. While these offers aren’t always risk-free, they can make a LOT of money, especially if you hit a bonus round. Just be careful to know the exact terms of the offer before you try them (Profit Accumulator has a section for casino offers along with instructions for each - see the link at the bottom of the page).


    Is matched betting sustainable?

    There is a misconception that match betting isn’t sustainable, because you can only do the sign-up offers once with each bookie. While these offers are great for getting started, most of the best match betters income comes from reload offers, refunds (ACCA, horse and football), slot offers and price boosts. All of these can be done continuously, as there are new offers popping up all the time. This provides a sustainable and significant income.


    How can I track my bets and profits?

    I recommend setting up a match betting Excel spreadsheet. It’s the easiest way to track your profits. I keep track of the amount of money in each betting account, which bets haven’t been settled and which have free bets that need to be used.


    What does an “Unmatched bet” in Betfair mean?

    Betfair and other exchanges aren’t like other bookies. You aren’t betting against the bookie, you’re betting against real people. That means when you place a lay bet at 3.2 odds, for example, someone else needs to BACK at 3.2 odds for the bet to be matched.


    In most cases, this match happens instantly. But if there isn’t enough money waiting to be matched, your bet may be partially matched or unmatched.


    To avoid it happening, make sure you look how much money is available in a market on Betfair before you place your lay bet. If there isn’t enough to cover your stake, it won’t be matched, so you want to wait until there is enough waiting to be matched plus a little bit more as a buffer.


    If you place your bet and it isn’t matched, you can also cancel it (as long as it hasn’t been partially matched) and lay again at slightly higher odds.


    Can I register multiple betting accounts?

    Bookies don’t allow anyone to have multiple accounts, so this isn’t something I recommend. They have many ways of tracking if someone has multiple accounts, including your name, IP address, address, payment details and many more, so it isn’t worth the risk. I only use one account for each bookie and I suggest you do the same.


    Does match betting affect my credit rating?

    Most bookies don’t carry out credit checks, so it shouldn’t show on your credit report or have any effect on your credit rating.


    Do existing customers get new free bets?

    Yes, which is why match betting can provide such a profitable long-term income. While many of the best free betting offers are sign-up offers, most of the long-term cash is made from reload, refund and existing customer offers.


    How do I get free bets for Cheltenham/Premier League/Cricket etc?

    Most of the free bets earned in match betting can be used on any event. In reality, the event doesn’t really matter anyway, only the odds affect how much profit you make. Remember, match betting is NOT gambling, so it’s not a way to get free bets you can then use to take a punt on a horse (although you could do this, it wouldn’t provide guaranteed profit).

    How to Start Match Betting?

    If you’ve decided you want to earn £500+ tax-free extra income each month, then great! The only match betting site I use is Profit Accumulator, which usually costs £22.99 each month. This is an amazing price, because the offers and tools they provide mean it pays for itself almost immediately, while saving your hours of time each month.


    But if you’re still not sure, Profit Accumulator also offers a free trial that includes two bookmaker bonuses. Just click here to go to their site and try match betting 100% free!